We currently offer the following beginning and intermediate drawing courses.
Please call (206) 323-7309 or email wyatt.studioparadiso@gmail.com for schedule.


This course is designed as an introduction to the technical issues of drawing the human form from direct observation and from memory. Basic ideas of planar analysis, figure structure and three-dimensional form-conception will be discussed throughout the six weeks class. Artistic anatomy will be introduced. Learning is for the student a quest to understand. This course will ask students to challenge their assumptions, ideas and habitual perception. 8 weeks. $350



This course is designed as a continuation of the principles of life drawing as they were introduced in the foundation class. The study of anatomy is strongly emphasized, starting with an analysis of the human skeleton and learning how the major muscles groups relate to the bones. The instructor uses lecture with a variety of visual learning aids and detailed schematics to help inform the daily practice of life drawing. The goal of this course is to improve the artist’s power of observation by providing a basic understanding of the body’s underlying structures. Strong emphasis will be placed on anatomical issues such as proportional relationships, muscle origin and insertion, surface forms and skeletal structure. 8 weeks. $350


Slideshow below contains students artwork.