Our goal is to lift people to their real potential and higher ideal through the process of drawing and painting from life. The studio can transform the ordinary into the magical. The model becomes both the eternal and classical muse for the painter to see how to tell a story with images that shed light on the our collective triumphs and tribulations. 

Drawing from the life model is a means to observe The Body as seldom seen. With fresh eyes, the drawing takes us out of the realm of the critique, the inner dialogue, the insecurities, the anger, the disconnection, the biases, the falsehoods, the inversion of truth that our bodies are nothing more than objects to be exploited. 

Figure drawing is a means to feel one’s connection to life and a celebration of the nature creation of the body. Drawing can be a vehicle to see the body in a new way, it becomes a mirror so that we see ourselves in the model. Not only do we feel empathy but we are afforded the time and space to reflect on our own body’s needs, strengths and goals. This act of observation in real time and focusing on a living person brings a sense of clarity to oneself and peace of mind and rejuvenation. There is a need to reclaim the vitality of classical ideals in that beauty is okay and it provides a heathy function in society. Imagine if the concept of beauty was synonmous with healthy and vivaciousness  then it should be easier to guard from attacks and celebrated often. We all want to thrive, and experience strength and energy. Drawing can therefore be divided into two components; the act and the fruit of the act. The act of observation is introspective by way of a focus and an intention that can bring about self-realization, the other is an outward manifestation of one’s experience which can be shared and appreciated by others. Drawing, painting and sculpting in the classical tradition can be very healing and energizing. We are here to help support people seeking to celebrate light and beauty.