Terms and Agreements

Studio Paradiso reserves the right to post and display copies of attendee’s artwork or to use student/attendee photograph for Studio Paradiso events or program publicity.

Studio Paradiso reserves the right to photograph and videotape and/or audiotape any and all lectures, sessions and/or demonstrations during workshops and events. All photographs, video and audio recordings of Studio Paradiso workshop sessions are the property of Studio Paradiso and may not be sold, distributed or reproduced without the written consent of Studio Paradiso. Studio Paradiso shall advise and will notify models if their images have been photographed or taped. Model images will not be published without the prior written notice and signed consent of the model. Signed consent shall be deemed provided with a signature below.

It is strictly prohibited for Student/Attendee to photograph, video or audio tape models or any sessions by using video camera, digital camera, cell phone or computers. Students/Attendees who violate this clause shall be immediately terminated from the event and registration fees will not be refunded.

Studio Paradiso shall not be liable or responsible for any and all lost or stolen articles during Studio Paradiso classes, programs and workshops.

Student/Attendee agrees that Studio Paradiso is not liable for any injury, physical, mental or otherwise caused by, or as a result of, the student/attendee’s attendance and participation in any and all classes, sessions, lectures or programs or any action(s) or inaction(s) by other students/attendees.

All scheduling decisions will be made solely by Studio Paradiso. Studio Paradiso reserves the right to alter the schedule and to change the selection of models during workshops lead by visiting artists to better suit the needs of the students/attendees.

Studio Paradiso shall not have liability or responsibility for any student loss associated with travel costs or travel reservations and/or any other related costs associated with attendance at any class, program, lecture or session, regardless of whether such class is terminated by Studio Paradiso or the student/attendee. If a model(s) cancels an appearance(s) or session(s), Studio Paradiso shall hire a replacement model within its own discretion and with similar characteristics/qualities needed for the specific class/session/lecture.

Studio Guidelines

• Please be respectful and courteous when participating in any Studio Paradiso workshop, class or program.

• Please respect the model time, space and privacy.

• Do not change the models pose or talk to the model while in pose. If you have a concern, talk with the monitor during the break and not during the session.

• We will close the door prior to the start of each pose. Please knock if you are locked out, and someone will open the door for you.

• Benches and easels will be set up before each session. Please ask before moving the arrangement.

• Please refrain from talking while the model is posing.

• During workshops and special events seating will be assigned by raffle.

• If you arrive late please enter quietly. If you have equipment to set up, please wait for a break to set up so that you do not disrupt the class.

• Cell phones shall be turned off and put away during all Studio Paradiso sessions. If the phone is used to listen to music, permission must be granted by the studio manager.

• Cell phone use is only permitted in common areas when no one else is around to hear your conversation or during breaks.

• During sessions at Studio Paradiso, all exchanges of art, paid or otherwise, should take place outside of the studio. This does not apply to workshops or special events. Studio Paradiso takes a small percentage of sales made during such events.

• Do not pour turpentine or other chemicals down the drains. You are responsible for disposing of all hazardous materials properly.

• Studio Paradiso is a fragrance-free environment. Please be mindful of other people’s sensitivities.